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The Black is White Hydrosonic is the sonic toothbrush from Curaden. (Photograph: Curaden)

By Curaden

Wed. 23. November 2016


LONDON, UK: Combining functionality and innovative design, the Black is White range from CURAPROX, a Curaden brand, presents a true premium consumer lifestyle product while ensuring quality oral health care. In the spirit of giving of Christmas, CURAPROX is generously offering its revolutionary Black is White Hydrosonic toothbrush system for only £199 (usually £259). This offer also includes two brush heads and the Black is White toothpaste.

Launched in September 2015, the Black is White Hydrosonic toothbrush has a powerful motor that delivers up to 42,000 sonic waves per minute. It caters for users’ individual oral care needs with three cleaning modes: Intensive, Soft and Massage. The technology of the toothbrush creates a hydrodynamic effect that allows it to clean in places bristles cannot reach—though with the uniquely small design of the brush head, it is often able to access difficult places with relative ease. The bristles are incredibly soft and fine. The CUREN filaments allow for greater cleaning between the teeth, around orthodontic appliances and implants, and along the gingival margin.

The Black is White Hydrosonic toothbrush is an aesthetically appealing and elegantly formed product. With its slim black design and splashes of bright pink, the toothbrush adds some much-needed panache to a routine activity. We brush our teeth for two primary reasons: to maintain good oral health and to ensure our teeth are aesthetically pleasing to others and ourselves. If you’re going to brush your teeth at least twice a day to look good, then why not use a toothbrush that looks spectacular? CURAPROX’s Black is White Hydrosonic shows that the ritual of brushing your teeth can be a truly pleasant experience.

Black is White Hydrosonic is much more than just a stylish toothbrush though; its technological aspects are second to none. It is design and performance in perfect harmony. “Black is White combines the best of CURAPROX: the claim that oral health is a lifestyle and the claim of developing outstanding products for dental health,” according to Richard Thomas, Managing Director of Curaden UK, and from the evidence provided, it is difficult to disagree. The Black is White Hydrosonic system is available for a consumer price of only £199 for a limited period. It’s the perfect opportunity to upgrade your at-home oral care experience.

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