ROOTS SUMMIT: Exclusive Middle East preview of new Dentsply Sirona software


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The 3D Endo Software from Dentsply Sirona was presented at the 2016 ROOTS SUMMIT. (Images: Dentsply Sirona/ Dental Tribune International)
Dental Tribune International

By Dental Tribune International

Tue. 6. December 2016


DUBAI, UAE: At this year's ROOTS SUMMIT in the Middle East, participants from all over the world had the exclusive opportunity to preview Dentsply Sirona’s new 3D Endo Software, which is currently only available in Europe. In a short interview with Dental Tribune Online, Boris Kujawa, Senior Marketing Manager at Dentsply Sirona, explained the benefits of this 3-D imaging software that aims to improve the planning and workflow of endodontic procedures.

Dental Tribune Online: Mr. Kujawa, could you please explain how the new 3D Endo Software works and what its main advantages are?
The 3D Endo Software works with 3-D radiographs that are acquired using CBCT units like the Dentsply Sirona ORTHOPOS series. The software is dedicated to endodontic treatment planning for more predictability. As dentists are working blind when doing an endodontic treatment, this software allows them to know what to expect. They will basically see what they used to feel. Based on a simple workflow, the software aids the clinicians to visualize the root canal network in 3-D and plan access cavity contour, master file and working length. It is easy and quick to learn and use. In a test, 20 beta users were able to plan an upper molar case in 12 minutes after a 30-minute training session.

The 3D Endo Software was launched in Europe in October this year. How has the product been received so far?
Better than we imagined. At the dental congresses in Italy, Germany and France this year, I heard comments from clinicians such as: “I have been waiting for this” and “finally, a digital tool for endodontics”. Even the skeptics were convinced of the software’s effectiveness after a demonstration.

When will the solution be available to dentists in the Middle East and other parts of the world?
There is no official release date yet, as it depends on the number of registrations for the product, which is hard to predict. However, Dentsply Sirona will be working hard to ensure that clinicians from around the world can benefit from the 3D Endo Software.

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