Oral-B reveals next leap in smart toothbrushing

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Oral-B reveals next leap in smart toothbrushing


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Adam Boulding discussing the benefits of the Genius toothbrush. (Photograph: Daniel Zimmermann, DTI)
Dental Tribune International

By Dental Tribune International

Thu. 26 May 2016


MANCHESTER, UK: One of the most intelligent brushing systems ever developed by Oral-B is finally making its début in the UK. First introduced at the Mobile World Congress in February in Spain, the GENIUS toothbrush will be available to consumers in Britain by the beginning of July, the company said this morning at a press launch during the British Dental Conference and Exhibition in Manchester.

Equipped with new positioning detection technology and combined with Version 4.1 of Oral-B’s smartphone application, the new brush was designed to help customers step up their brushing behaviour by telling them exactly where and for how long to brush. Through the process, areas being brushed are constantly monitored and tracked for users, helping them brush more thoroughly.

“Unfortunately, figures show that the average person still only brushes for 46 seconds instead of the recommended 2 minutes, as well as applies too much pressure. That is why we developed this technology in order to guide them through the process and correct them if needed,” Adam Boulding, Procter & Gamble Global Oral Health Care, said.

Experiences with the company’s previous apps have already resulted in positive changes in the brushing behaviour of users, according to Boulding, as 88 per cent were found to be brushing for longer than the recommended 2 minutes.

“We have built upon that solid foundation to reinforce our position as the world’s leader in oral care technology with the evolution of our intelligent brushing system,” P&G Global Marketing Director Stephen Squire commented.

Boasting a new, improved design, the GENIUS toothbrush now also features a lithium-ion battery for enhanced battery life and comes with a number of accessories, like a smart travel case and a personalised 360° lighting system. It is on display at the company’s booth at the British Dental Conference and Exhibition, for which Oral-B is a diamond sponsor.

“We are happy that Oral-B has chosen the BDA conference to reveal its next step in personalised oral health care and welcome what is next to come,” remarked Chief Executive of the British Dental Association Peter Ward.

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