Nationwide network for women in dentistry launched

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Nationwide network for women in dentistry launched


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In 2020, over half of dentists in the UK will be female. (Photograph: Photographee/Shutterstock)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Thu. 24 November 2016


LONDON, UK: It is estimated that by 2020 over half of dentists in the UK will be women. In order to address particular challenges related to the feminisation of the workforce, as well as to encourage and inspire women to achieve their full potential in the field now and in the future, the Society for Women in Dentistry was officially launched this month.

The introduction event in London saw presentations by outgoing Executive Dean of King’s College London Dental Institute Prof. Dianne Rekow, British Dental Association executive member Dr Alison Lockyer, and General Dental Council adviser and practice owner Dr Sana Movahedi, each of them speaking about their own careers in dentistry and the current issues women in the field face.

Open to dental students and professionals across all universities, the society will be welcoming both women and men to join and support them in their endeavour for a more diverse and equal workforce throughout the profession, not just on entry, the organisers said. In addition to several events, including a series of lectures to be held this year focusing on various specialities, in which successful individuals in their profession will describe their own career pathways, the society plans to hold regular networking events for undergraduates to meet each other and create contacts with fellow students, graduate dentists and working professionals.

It also announced plans to hold an event in March next year, coinciding with International Women’s Day, to raise the profile and celebrate the contributions of women in dentistry.

Despite their increasing number in the workforce, female dental professionals are still under-represented in most of the 13 specialities, except dental public health, paediatric dentistry, special care dentistry and oral microbiology. Moreover, woman professionals are less involved in leadership, according to the society, preventing them from influencing decisions made at higher levels.

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