My Dental Plan achieves Guinness world record.

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My Dental Plan achieves Guinness world record.

16,414 children brushing simultaneously at Delhi Public School, Bangalore, India


Tue. 14 June 2016


The Brush right Smile bright campaign conceptulaized by My dental plan healthcare Pvt ltd. and Delhi Public school ( KKECT) in Bangalore was designed to spread the message of the importance of correct brushing among children. After a thorough scrutiny the effort has fetched the team the Guinness world record for the most number of people brushing their teeth at a single venue. In a country where oral health is largely neglected, diseases like tooth decay and gum diseases affect a majority of school going children. In this campaign, correct brushing technique was demonstrated to all children.

On 6th of January 2016 a new Guinness record was attempted in Bangalore , India. Nearly 17,000 people (16,414 children) brushed their teeth simultaneously for two minutes at the same Venue (Delhi Public School ,Bangalore,East). Children aged six to sixteen years were part of this ambitious ‘Brush Right Smile Bright’ campaign, jointly organized by My Dental Plan Healthcare Private Limited and Delhi Public Schools managed by KKECT.

The earlier such record of 13800 people was created in El Salvador, South America in 1995. “We had a total of twenty schools that participated in the event out of which six were Government schools, Sarjapur area, Bangalore and fourteen others were Private Schools. We also had the opportunity to host fourty Autistic children and a hundred and sixty children were from Sai Brindavan School for deaf and dumb. It was a huge responsibility for us as organizers to ensure that the children were at all times safe and taken care of. Thanks to an organized team effort we were able to pull it off”, said Dr.MohendarNarula, CEO MY dental Plan.

The Mega Event was inaugurated by Rahman Khan, MP RajyaSabha, Former Union Minister of Minority Affairs. Prof.Dr.Jayakar Shetty, Vice President, Dental Council of India and Rotarian Mr.K.P.Nagesh were Guests of Honour. Management, Principals and teachers of Partner Schools were present there to motivate their students at the venue

Brushing twice a day the right way.
“The Event was organized to bring about awareness of preventive dental care and simple steps such as brushing twice a day can prevent majority of dental problems. Bringing the awareness of visiting a dentist every six months and getting professional cleaning done as recommended by WHO will help in keeping their teeth for lifetime. These good values need to be inculcated in children very early in their childhood and reinforced by parents at home and teachers in school”, expressed Dr.Latha Anandakrishna, Associate Dean M.S.RamaiahUniversity of Advanced Sciences.

Zero Cavity School
“A zero cavity school is a great initiative. When this was put forward to us by the team of My Dental Plan we immediately recognized the potential it has in transforming health in India. “ Dr.Maqsood, Chairman, DPS KKECT.
“I must confess I have never seen so many children in a single venue. It was a huge responsilbilty for us as event organizers.After many days of planning and several meetings with our teachers and the team of My Dental Plan we were able to breathe life into Brush Right Campaign which will help make our school a ‘Zero Cavity School’ said Dr.Masood Ali Khan.

Just two minutes of correct brushing.
“We have been working with the school for many months now to help realize our campaign. Step by step instructional video of the event with small things like opening the packets for brushing to disposing it off after using during the event was demonstrated to all children. Educational videos on correct brushing technique were sent to the school where it was shown to all children and even parents received a copy of it “,said Dr.Anandakrishna GN, CFO My Dental Plan.

Lack of awareness and careless attitude towards oral health.
Nearly fifty five percent of school going children, in India, has dental caries. Children in the rural areas of the country have little or no access to dental care. “Oral health among children has always been a concern in India. It is evident from oral health statistics of our country that there is a lack of awareness among parents about dental health at large and added to that our careless attitude towards health. With the Brush Right Campaign we wanted to sensitize everyone concerned about the importance of oral health. And we believe that children make one of the best messengers. “ Dr.Girish Rao COO of My dental Plan.

The whole Event was observed and audited by independent Auditing company. There were 400 Stewards who were Dentists from M.S.Ramaiah Dental college, Oxford Dental college, R V Dental college, KLE Dental college and Maruthi Dental College who supervised during the Event and looked into the right technique of brushing. There were 1000 Volunteers from various organisations like Rotary, Cubbon Park along with Principals and teachers of Partner Schools. This was the first of its kind in India that such a mammoth event was organized to create awareness about oral health.

Ultimate Goal
“Our ultimate goal is to make India caries free by 2020.” Team My Dental Plan (in chorus)


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