Lab Expo ‘showcase stage’ at Pacific Dental Conference

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Lab Expo ‘showcase stage’ at Pacific Dental Conference

Vancouver, British Columbia. (Photo:
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Dental Tribune USA

Thu. 3 November 2016


Online registration is now open for the 2017 Pacific Dental Conference. The annual meeting will be March 9 to 11 in Vancouver, British Columbia, at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Attendees can register at The PDC is one of the largest dental conferences in North America, offering a broad selection of continuing education programs.

With more than 200 open sessions and hands-on courses and close to 300 exhibiting companies occupying 625 booths — the meeting is designed to serve dentists and their entire dental team.

The exhibit floor will be open to all attendees on Thursday and Friday, March 9 and 10. Special hotel rates are available through Jan. 13; then rates will increase.

For the majority of attendees, C.E. credit is given for general attendance (up to five hours) and hour-for-hour credit for individually attended courses. It’s possible to acquire up to 20 C.E. credits

Entering its fourth year at PDC, the dental technicians’ conference day will have a new look and direction. The PDC Lab Expo will be Saturday, March 11, bringing together dental technicians, denturists, dentists and their teams. Expo attendees will be able to visit the exhibits area between 8:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. and during session breaks.

Attendees will be able to enjoy lunch and meet company representatives to learn about some of the industry’s latest tech advancements. A new “Showcase Stage” in the PDC Lab Expo will feature 30-minute demonstrations throughout the day looking at the latest products and technologies.

In British Columbia, the tradition of gathering to share information on dentistry began in 1936 when the first BC Study Club was established. As time passed, the need for an annual meeting became evident.

An annual convention was created, and in subsequent years it experienced continued growth and with that the need to expand from smaller hotel settings into the world-class Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre (now the Vancouver Convention Centre). In 1998 the meeting became the Pacific Dental Conference, with dentists and teams attending from B.C., other provinces and across the U.S.

The PDC Organizing Group (made up of nine dentists and one hygienist) volunteers its time to present one of the most reputable dental conferences in North America.

(Source: Pacific Dental Conference)

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