It’s smiles all around at AAO meeting in Orlando

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It’s smiles all around at AAO meeting in Orlando

Welcome to the AAO’s 116th Annual Session in Orlando, Fla. (Photos: Fred Michmershuizen, DTA)
Fred Michmershuizen, DTA

Fred Michmershuizen, DTA

Sat. 30 April 2016


ORLANDO, Fla., USA: There’s plenty to smile about here in Orlando this weekend. Great weather. Lots of fun things to do with the whole family. Mickey. But at the Orange County Convention Center, site of this year’s AAO Annual Session, it’s all about ways to make your patients smile. In the classrooms, some of the world’s top experts are here to share their expertise and knowledge.

In the exhibit hall, aisle after aisle of companies are on hand to share with meeting attendees the latest in technological advances. There’s no shortage of new and exciting finds. Whether you are looking for a more advanced imaging system, a better way to keep track of your inventory, or effective marketing ideas for your practice, you are sure to find it here.

Ortho Tribune combed the aisles of the show floor to see what is especially innovative at this year’s meeting. There are many highlights.

Propel is showing off its new Excellerator PT (Power Tip), which marries Propel’s proprietary tip design with a specially configured cordless torque driver. Components include a powered handpiece with charging station, a contra-angle head attachment and single application tips.

“The driver itself is easy to operate, smooth, comfortable ergonomically speaking and quiet,” says Dr. Jonathan Nicozisis, who uses the technology in clinical practice. “The contra-angle attachment provides convenient, full-mouth access. Performing MOP in the posterior regions is certainly facilitated by the contra-angle, which can be rotated for optimal orientation.”

DENTSPLY GAC is displaying its new PLUS line of products, which the company says are designed to “grab the mantle of orthodontic leadership and take it to the next level.” The PLUS line includes a new metal-injection-molded OmniArch PLUS bracket, which features precision-tuned angulation and torque for improved control; and nickel titanium BioForce PLUS archwires, which feature a graded thermodynamic formulation.

G&H Orthodontics is showcasing its extensive line of products. The company was launched 40 years ago to create archwires but has since expended into brackets, bands, tubes, elastomerics and more — all made in the United States.

“We pride ourselves on high-quality, precision manufacturing, ensuring the finest products for optimal clinical results,” G&H told Ortho Tribune in a press release issued before the meeting. “An archwire may be perceived by some to be a commodity item. However, G&H knows the integral role the archwire plays in achieving successful clinical outcomes. Every wire alloy demands specific processing techniques to fully express its consistent tooth-moving properties.”

Reliance Orthodontics is offering a kit designed to reduce your inventory and produce maximum strength for chairside bonding, regardless of the substrate involved, enamel or non-enamel. The ASK (All Surface Kit) includes 6cc Assure Plus All Surface Bonding Resin and 8cc Porcelain Conditioner, plus an Etchmaster microetcher with 10 tips. According to the company, clinicians now can eliminate all other artificial surface primers as well as numerous different protocols.

OrthoBanc, a professional payment management company, is demonstrating its new treatment and fee presentation tool, AccepTx Pro. It’s designed to help orthodontists offer flexible payment options to patients. Presentations can be viewed in the office or shared for viewing at home.

Features include a Smile Adjuster payment calculator, which allows the responsible party to adjust the down payment and terms within ranges acceptable to the practice, until they have found a plan to fit their specific circumstances, and ZACC Credit Recommendations and Gaidge Practice Analytics.


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