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After an impressive start, Align Technology has now released a series of enhancements for Invisalign Go, the company's new clear aligner system for general dentists. (Photograph: Align Technology)
Align Technology

By Align Technology

Wed. 30. November 2016


LONDON, UK: About a year has passed since Align Technology launched its latest product: Invisalign Go, a clear aligner system for all dentists. With this solution, general dentists have access to a treatment modality previously reserved for orthodontists. They can now treat minor aesthetic cases and thus add an attractive treatment option to their practice offering. After an impressive start, Align Technology has now released a series of enhancements for Invisalign Go that will make use of the system and the time spent with patients even more efficient than before.

Easy to get started with the new Invisalign Photo Uploader app for iPhones

An Invisalign Go treatment starts with taking intra- and extra-oral photographs of the patient. This is now made easier with the new Invisalign Photo Uploader app for iPhones. With just a few clicks, Invisalign Go users can download the app from the app store and log in with their username and password. After a brief introduction, they can take photographs and upload them directly to the Invisalign Doctor Site to start the case assessment.

Clearer suitability information with case assessment results based on the patient’s chief concern

After uploading the patient photographs, the dentist decides whether treatment with Invisalign Go is suitable. Making this decision is now even easier. With the help of the Case Assessment Tool, dentists can clarify before starting the treatment whether the desired result can be achieved within 14 stages. Furthermore, the improved tool uses the particular patient’s principal concern as the primary driver for the recommendation and the subsequent treatment plan. Combined with the dentist’s clinical judgement, this makes the decision much easier.

Exceptional user experience with the new ClinCheck Pro 5.0

ClinCheck Pro is Align Technology’s proprietary treatment planning software. The newly redesigned ClinCheck Pro 5.0 takes planning of Invisalign treatments to a whole new level, with unmatched customisation for a right-for-me experience. Apart from introducing improved visualisation, Invisalign Go has now released a number of new functions, including a customisable toolbar, a ClinCheck wizard for better orientation through the treatment plan, and a modification warning. Invisalign Go providers can now check their patients’ treatment plans in their own tailored way and ensure that patients are treated in accordance with the clinical protocols.

Simpler to stay on track with the improved Progress Assessment Tool

Invisalign Go dentists can now monitor treatment progress. The system reliably detects whether the teeth are moving according to the ClinCheck treatment plan and the patient’s treatment is progressing as intended. Based on just a few uploaded photographs, it provides a clear indication of whether additional aligners are needed to achieve the desired result. The aligners can be ordered free of charge, up to 24 months after treatment has begun.

More information about the system and upcoming training events is available at

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