Interview: “Make everything about tooth whitening predictable”

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Interview: “Make everything about tooth whitening predictable”

Enlighten booth at BACD. (Photograph: DTI)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Fri. 11 November 2016


Enlighten Smiles is one of the UK’s most trusted tooth whitening brands. With guaranteed results and a strong marketing system, as well as its own laboratory that helps develop consistent products and its exclusive Centres of Excellence programme, the company aims to be the ideal partner for every dental business wishing to expand its portfolio. Dental Tribune Online spoke with him briefly about changing perceptions with regard to tooth whitening and where his concept fits in.

Dental Tribune Online: Dr Payman, how would you describe the philosophy behind the Enlighten system?
Dr Payman Langroudi: It is not only the product we are presenting, but also the marketing service that we are offering to increase performance of every individual practice. Consider that, in the Western world, 80 per cent of people desire a whiter smile, but the average dentist only performs one whitening per month. There is a complete disconnect. Dentists do not want to be seen as chasing sales or being pushy and therefore it is necessary to change the mindset completely. If one goes to McDonald’s, for example, the staff ask whether one wants fries with one’s order and it is considered a normal thing. So, what we would like to see is it becoming usual to ask every patient about the colour of his or her teeth. Changing the mindset of both the public and dental professionals is what we are working on with this system.

Does this philosophy apply to education too?
Tooth whitening is still not taught in any of the universities in the UK and often what students learn in dental schools is out of date anyway. In a way, this is a problem, but also offers opportunities for us to educate dental professionals. By ensuring that the entire dental team knows how the product works and the side-effects that patients might experience, one can provide a well-rounded service to patients when they come into the practice with questions, for example.

Cosmetic dentistry now seems—and the President of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry spoke about this development this morning—to be an integral part of general dentistry. Where does tooth whitening fit into this picture, in your opinion?
Tooth whitening is the foundation and the first thing patients do before they do anything else. These dentists here want to make a difference for their patients and this can be in terms of either pain or beauty. While beauty sounds very superficial—and in many ways it is—they can make a difference to patients in a very predictable manner. What we are trying to do is to make everything about tooth whitening predictable.

Thank you very much for the interview.

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