Interview: Digital workflow is the future. Dr.Georges Khoury

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Interview: Digital workflow is the future. Dr.Georges Khoury


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Dr.Georges Khoury is the Director of the Post Graduate program in Bone Reconstruction and Advanced Implantology, at Paris 7 university, Rotshild Hospital.
DT SEA, Niranjan Prabhakar

DT SEA, Niranjan Prabhakar

Mon. 7 November 2016


Dr.Georges Khoury is a senior Oral Surgeon and the Director of the Post Graduate Program in Bone Reconstruction and Advanced Implantology, at Paris 7 university, Rotshild Hospital.He maintains a private practrice in Paris 16, exclusively focused on bone surgery and Implantology. His primary area of Interest is Bone augmentation in highly atrophic bone.  He is much sought after speaker in international circles. He also provides courses and lectures in many universities around the world. Dr.Khoury will be in India in November to deliver a lecture titled 'Vital Bone in augmented sites: Clinical analysesof vital bone in bone graft, GBR and segmental osteotomies', during the WCOI 2016 Delhi. he will alos be conducting the Preconference course no.11 (PCC 11) at the event on 10th November at Hotel Leela Ambience, New Delhi, India.

Dental Tribune SEA: Dr.Georges Khoury, you have worked extensively in the field of bone augmentation and bone materials. What has changed in our understanding of the science?
Dr.Georges Khoury: The understanding of science does not really change, but the knowledge increases and the tools we have are getting more sophisticated. I think what has definitely changed is the speed of communication. Every single work published in the world is now easily found. The happening of knew medias like YouTube, permits us to find and see almost any treatment we need more information about.

Materials available today has made it simpler to perform challenging surgeries. Do you believe that things will get simpler and predictable?
It is rather evident that everything is getting easier. Thanks to the knowledge that we spoke about. We know how bone and biomaterials heal, so we can choose the less invasive and the more predictable treatment, according to every requirement. The same is with guided surgeries, but the most exciting of all that is happening is the ‘Augmented Reality’

There is a lot happening in terms of innovation. Newer technologies are cropping up every other day. In this, how does an average implant practitioner get clarity and know what is the best way or technique?
Meeting, study clubs, journals, internet. We never had this chance in the past to stay connected with evolution.

This question is more a philosophical question than a technical problem: We cannot provide the best treatment to our patients if we don't follow the wave and stay up to date. As I always say to my students, after every successful treatment just ask yourself how you could have done it better. And for that you need to go out, share and exchange.

You were the president of the French society of Aesthetic dentistry. Tell us a little about your role.
As the past president of The French Society of Aesthetic Dentistry, my main work was to find the most interesting speakers, not only the most known of them, but also those who had gold hands and shinny brain. Inviting them to our society, and giving the opportunity to our members to discover their talents and learn from their experience. Implant treatments in aesthetic zone is one of the most challenging subject, where a lot still needs to be done. Not only, to achieve nice treatment but also to maintain it over many years. This is happening with the knowledge and experience we start to have with biomaterials.

What according to you can we expect in the future in the field of Dental Implantology?
Digital workflow is the future. It has already started but connected to tissue engineering and guided surgeries; it will lead to a decade of unbelievable evolution.

What words of advice do you have for our readers looking to take the plunge in to the realm of advanced Implantology?
I would say jump on your legs before plunging. I mean that taking all the knowledge and the training before starting is mandatory. Sharing is the keyword, and as J Hartman wrote “What we think we know today will likely be obsolete tomorrow"


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