Global fusion-bridging the barriers for implant excellence at the WCOI 2016 in New Delhi, India.

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Global fusion-bridging the barriers for implant excellence at the WCOI 2016 in New Delhi, India.

Dr.Mahesh Verma (extreme left) and other office bearers of WCOI
Dental Tribune India

Dental Tribune India

Fri. 19 August 2016


A premier World Congress on Oral Implantology is to be held at The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel in New Delhi between the 11th and 13th November 2016. The Congress is associated with American Academy of Implant Dentistry Global Conference. Prof. Dr. Mahesh Verma, President of the Organising Committee, had organized the “8th WCOI and AAID Global Conference” in 2010 which was very successful. It was attended by over 800 participants. This time the WCOI 2016 is expecting nearly 1,500 participants at the purpose-built The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel. WCOI 2016 will have pre-conference courses on 10 October including 2 implant courses by Dental Tribune Group. Several international speakers have been invited to this meeting. Dr. Shankar Iyer, President –Elect AAID and Chairman of WCOI 2016 and Dr. Brij Sabherwal, Organising Secretary, opined that the Conference will set a bench mark in India of an International Implant Conference. Dr. Natalie Wong, International Scientific Chair and Dr. Shigeo Osato, Vice President from Japan are taking a keen interest to ensure high level of scientific deliberations are held at this important event. Dental Tribune South Asia Edition speaks to Prof. Dr. Mahesh Verma as he prepares for the grand event.  

Dental Tribune South Asia: Prof. Verma, how did you conceptualize WCOI 2010 which was so highly successful?
Prof. Dr.Mahesh Verma: The biggest impetus that has helped to conceptualize WCOI 2010 has been the desire to showcase the global advancements on a visible platform thereby crossing the chasm that exists in the knowledge of Implantology between various countries of the world. Undoubtedly the huge success of "8th World Congress for Oral Implantology & AAID Global Conference 2010" can be considered the forerunner of WCOI 2010. The encouragement and support imparted by 'World Congress for Oral Implantology' (WCOI) Japan, and 'American Academy of Implant Dentistry' (AAID) USA, International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) in shaping this Congress has been monumental.

India can be considered an epicenter geographically between the Eastern and the Western nations. This very fact makes it the most ideal to be the rendezvous of hosting doctors associated with implants, both experts and novice, across the globe. With Dr. Shankar Iyer in charge Dr. Shigeo Osato Vice President 10th WCOI and Dr. Tsuyoshi Saito, Vice President WCOI (Japan) showed keen interest in hosting the 10th WCOI in India, New Delhi and endowed upon me the designation of Chairman of the Congress.

The effervescent spirit of India truly matches that of excitement and growth in field of Implants in the current times. The time is right and the stage is set. Hope you all make it there…

The 8th World Congress for Oral Implantology & AAID Global Conference happened 2008, in New Delhi. And the 10th WCOI & AAID along with 5th ICOI symposium is back in Delhi. Is this what they call Delhi’s Charm?
The heterogeneity of Delhi makes it a Charm indeed. And I do not just mean in the culture, the gourmet, the population and the weather. That is definitively an add-on. But what truly makes this city magnetic is the zeal. The zeal of people to learn. The zeal of people to share. The zeal of people to host. I would quote the (translated) words of a famous Urdu poet Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib who was deeply rooted in Delhi or Dili (as one would say) “I asked my soul what is Delhi? She Replied: the world is the body and Delhi is its soul”. With such an ebullient and exuberant spirit I am not surprised we have been given the opportunity to host the WCOI the second time in a decade! On a more scientific note it is the faith of participants, the mentors and the amateur players in the field of Implantology who believe in us to put the show together and get the wheels rolling!
For the same I feel honored to be a part of the Organizing Committee and thank the Patrons!

What has changed in your understanding since the last congress?
A lot has changed. In a cliché statement I have to say “change is inevitable”. But what truly matters the vigorousness with which the change has been occurring in this field of dentistry. If we take a look around we would appreciate the influx of implants in India and other Asian countries has increased by leaps and bounds. One main reason can be attributed to the altered demographics. Besides this, the percolation of implants at the level of general practitioner shows the keenness of both, the patients and operators to make this mode of therapy more routine and prevalent. Aside from this the tremendous advancements in terms of techniques, technology, materials have thrusted this specialty to popularity. That I think is one big reason to collate the facts together and bring about in a lucid manner the science of Implantology to the practitioners. The congress can be considered an apt platform for the same.

Dr. Mahesh Verma, what is the theme of WCOI 2016?
The theme is befitting the current scenario of “Global Fusion – Bridging the Barriers for Implant Excellence". The implant sector of science is experiencing different growth curves in different parts of world- some too soon, others needing a thrust. Bringing the different perspectives under one roof is coalescing energy into one spot. Once dissemination of this information will occur, it will assuredly iron out the difference in manner of approaching the clinical situations.

The field of Implantology has grown in leaps and bounds in recent times. Keeping in sync with the latest advances in the field is quite a challenge today. What can we expect from the scientific sessions this time?
With the under pinning intent of patients’ welfare, we are marshalling into this field of implantology at full tilt. This congress has a lot to offer both to the amateurs and novice as well as to the mentors. The vast landscape that this field comprises of is evident by the distinctiveness of the players in this field- the prosthodontists, the radiologists, the periodontists and the oral surgeons. The scientific sessions will blend in the experts and their views and give variegated perspectives catering to the needs of the dentists including general practitioners who are intricately involved in the practice of this science. What is important is the fine amalgamation of the materials, technology, techniques, and concepts from perspectives of the different specialties that can be best put to use and help improve the oral health status of the patients suffering from edentulouism. The scientific sessions will be bustling with information from these perspectives.

The three biggest associations or bodies, The WCOI, AAID and ICOI, for Implantology in the World have come together for a unique conference. What brings them together?
The common thread that brings the three giant associations together is undoubtedly ‘welfare of the patients’. May I say that any Congress aims to update the participants in a conducive manner with what is ‘recent, in vogue, and most importantly the best suited for the patients’. In the current age of Evidence Based Practice the united efforts of the WCOI, AAID and ICOI can be called as “good times” and we hope many more such times ahead.

What is your message to the dentists looking forward to attend the congress? What can they expect from the congress?
The numero uno point is that the future of dentistry is ‘pivoted around Implantology’. This is a universal fact. And in such evolving times it becomes imperative to match the pace of practice with that of the research and development in this field. The congress is an attempt to channelize the information to today’s needs. Also such events bring the knowledge form variegated perspectives at your door step. Being a part of WCOI will definitely give the participants an edge in their practice.

What do you think is the biggest challenge today in Implantology?
There are many but I will highlight three challenges that are irksome.

First is the lack of structured education and training programs. This is of special reference to Asia and Indian subcontinent. More over the standardization of fee structure to enable percolation of knowledge is need of the hour.

The second issue is to rein the cost of implants per say and the ancillary materials required in implant rehabilitation. Only then can we truly make it a more “chosen” treatment by the patients.

Lastly, the management of complications and failures requires an immediate attention. Ignoring failure as a part of progress can be extremely deleterious. It is almost like not getting an after sales service for an expensive electronic appliance. One must acquaint with the management of complications that may arise. As is said “What defines us is how we rise after falling!”

This is one of India’s biggest implantology platforms. How many participants are you expecting this time for the congress?
We would expect about 1000- 1500 participants who would be looking forward to significant participation and contribution. More than the number I would like to emphasize on the fact that the crowd is going to be heterogeneous with experts and novice from several disciplines. The diverse participation will promise several vistas of approaching various clinical situations, thus promising a unanimous outcome of “welfare of patients”!

Hope to see you all there!


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