Emerging leaders of the dental profession meet at the NEXT GEN forum

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Emerging leaders of the dental profession meet at the NEXT GEN forum

Dr. Isabella Rocchietta and Dr. José Manuel Navarro moderated the NEXT GEN forum. (Photograph: Claudia Duschek, DTI)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Sat. 25 June 2016


NEW YORK, USA: Yesterday during the second day of its global symposium in New York, Nobel Biocare hosted the NEXT GEN forum, a session specially dedicated to the next generation of clinicians. Together with Dr. Isabella Rocchietta, Dr. José Manuel Navarro, who has already participated in the two prior global symposiums in 2010 and 2013, moderated the session.

“I always enjoyed the fabulous scientific meeting in this tremendous city, and when I was asked to take part as a member of the scientific committee of this year’s meeting my response was clear,” Navarro told Dental Tribune Online.

At the session on Friday morning, which was organized in collaboration with the Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation, up-and-coming young dental leaders engaged in a lively discussion with their hosts and the audience. A total of 14 speakers up to the age of 40 were divided into three groups representing the different facets of implant dentistry—oral surgery, prosthetics and practice management. They presented new insights from their research and challenging patient cases, but had only a 12-minute time slot to get their message across. A considerable number of speakers were female surgeons, which reflects a workforce trend in dental implantology. Experts anticipate significant demographic changes in the dental workforce over the next few years. An increasing number of young dental pro fes sionals, and young women in particular, are enrolling in postgraduate courses in implantology today.

Given this trend, Nobel Biocare is set to support young clinicians. “It is very important for us, especially for my leadership team and me, to develop better programs for the next generation of customers. We want to help them grow their businesses and adapt our solutions,” said Hans Geiselhöringer, President of Nobel Biocare and Dental Imaging, at the opening of the session. He further disclosed that Nobel Biocare will kick off at least one program focusing on the next generation of implant dentists in the near future.

Navarro, who is also the current chairman of the European Association for Osseointegration (EAO) Junior Committee, believes that meetings like the Nobel Biocare Global Symposium provide a great opportunity for networking and team building among young and like-minded professionals in the field.

“While we can learn and benefit from the experiences of well-established key opinion leaders in implantology, I believe that it is equally important to listen to the younger generations that are coming up with robust training and a lot of energy to our field,” Navarro said. “It is from this younger clinicians that we get new out-of-the-box ideas and concepts that initiate real innovation.”

Comparing the way of practicing dentistry between the older and younger generation of professionals, Navarro notes: “The evidenced-based literature today supports a lot of the treatments that were considered experimental, if not crazy, in former days. In addition, treatment approaches have shifted dramatically from rehabilitating the edentulous patients with removable prostheses to very sophisticated, esthetically demanding, micromilimetric implant dentistry were at times we forget the essence of the treatment per se.”

He continues: “New technologies, such as digital dentistry are growing at an exponentially rapid rate and it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay up to date for us dental professionals. However, every clinician should know what technology will suit his or her environment, everyday workflow, set up, clinical layout and, with that in mind, he or she should embrace that technology that will help provide better, faster, more precise, long-lasting treatments to more patients.”

“I think that the future is very bright for young implantologists as both dentists and patients benefit from the knowledge and technologies we have today,” Navarro concluded. “Let’s explore the doors that have already been opened to us and continue opening new ones, always reminding ourselves the essential goal of providing our patients with the best possible solution available to the best of our capacity.”

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