Dry vacuum system and air-driven handpiece share traits

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Dry vacuum system and air-driven handpiece share traits

In the DentalEZ Integrated Solutions booth at CDA Presents is Ryan Behbahani, left, displaying the Star Dental 430 Torque handpiece, and Kristin Wolf, who is ready to explain the many benefits of the Badger LF dry vacuum system. (Photo: Robert Selleck, DTA)
Robert Selleck, DTA

Robert Selleck, DTA

Wed. 18 May 2016


ANAHEIM, Calif., USA: New products from StarDental and RAMVAC generated traffic in the DentalEZ Integrated Solutions booth at CDA Presents — where both products made their debut. Kristin Wolf with DentalEZ said the Badger LF dry vacuum system was getting extra attention from dentists with practices in the growing number of communities that have high-use fees or penalties for high-demand water/sewer service users.

“With the growing number of water issues these days, lots of people are thinking about switching out their wet systems, especially if they have older units anyway,” Wolf said. The Badger LF fits the need because it’s so easy to fit in and hook up where a previous system was based. Mainly, though, Wolf said, “It’s very, very powerful and very efficient.”

Also in the booth was Ryan Behbahani with DentalEZ, who was helping customers interested in the Star Dental 430 Torque handpiece. “Dentists like it because it’s almost as powerful as an electric but with handling benefits of air-driven,” Behbahani said. “People really like the weight of it, the balance, the overall feel.” Behbahani said dentists already using StarDental handpieces in the 430 line are checking it out — but lots of prospective first-time users also have been taking a closer look.

The Badger LF

Designed for single or multiple users, the Badger LF is compact and flexible enough to connect to existing plumbing, simplifying installation, according to the company. An open-frame design, with no traps to clean or maintain results in cool, quiet low-maintenance operation. The RAMVAC Badger LF delivers worry-free routine maintenance reminders and is equipped with a self-diagnosing control system that alerts the user of possible mechanical issues.

In addition, the Badger LF is protected by a two-year/4,000-hour (whichever comes first) limited product warranty and five-year/10,000-hour (whichever comes first) pump warranty. Like all RAMVAC products, the new Badger LF is exclusively manufactured in an ISO-certified facility.

430 Torque

Ergonomically designed with 100-percent stainless-steel construction for durability, the 430 Torque also has a satin finish — so it looks nice. The 430 Torque is available with or without fiber optics and either as a lubricated version or with StarDental’s patented “LubeFree” technology that saves time and costs.

An independent test by The Dental Advisor measured its 27 watts of power as the maximum power output among handpieces tested. The double bucket rotor design and dual-air control maximizes airflow to the turbine, according to the company. The low noise level of the 430 Torque reduces the possibility of auditory damage and improves patient experience. The dual-beam glass design prevents shadowing in front of the bur to assure an unobstructed, clear view regardless of handpiece positioning or lighting.


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