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Dr. Amerian Sones (Photo: Academy of Osseointegration)
Sierra Rendon, DTA

By Sierra Rendon, DTA

Wed. 22. June 2016


In response to a growing number of its members seeking distinction in the field of implant dentistry, the Academy of Osseointegration recently launched the AO Certificate in implant dentistry. To learn more about the certificate, Implant Tribune met with Dr. Amerian Sones, who chairs AO’s Fellowship and Certificate Committee for a brief interview.

Why is the Academy of Osseointegration initiating such a program?
The AO has implemented this program to offer its membership a credentialing process to recognize the level of implant dentistry accomplishment among its membership. This program is a direct result of addressing the membership requests. This certificate represents the highest standards of excellence in implant dentistry and distinguishes practitioners’ continuing education efforts and knowledge to patients and colleagues around the globe.

This recognition will be appreciated by many entities — patients, staff and colleagues — and will impact the clinician’s practice for years to come.

Who can apply?
All AO members from around the globe are encouraged to apply. Requirements are the same for general practitioners and specialists alike. Post-graduate students may submit cases completed in the post-graduate programs.

Who reviews the certificate applications and how long does the review process take?
The review process involves calibrated committee members who assess the requirements of the applicant relative to training, continuing education, meeting attendance and membership status. In addition, the four cases submitted with each application will be reviewed with specific guidelines for assessment. Committee members will be assigned to focus on either the surgical or restorative aspect of the application. Please allow two to four weeks for review of completed applications.

How will the awardees of the AO Certificate in implant dentistry be recognized?
All awardees will receive recognition at a special ceremony at the annual meeting, where they are presented with the AO Certificate and lapel pin. Photographs of each awardee will be featured in the AO’s Academy News, announced to industry media channels and featured on the AO’s website and relative online distribution.

What does it mean for the patients of clinicians who achieve this distinction?
Patients will feel proud and assured that they are in the best clinical dental practice possible. Patients are very smart these days, and as they research the internet for doctors specifically trained in implant dentistry, obtaining the AO Certificate of Achievement will be certain to catch their attention, recognizing the training, education and skill their doctor has attained.

Should new AO members make this a goal for themselves?
A new AO member will surely want to include this certificate as a professional goal, because of the educational and clinical achievement represented in completing the process.
To begin, start documenting the diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment sequence of the four required cases: the single tooth implant case, the overdenture case, the multiple-unit fixed dental prosthesis and the full arch case. Also, plan to meet the continuing education requirements and attend AO’s annual meetings, including the 2017 meeting taking place in Orlando, Fla., from March 15–18.

How can members apply?
More information about the application process can be found on AO’s website at osseo.org.


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