Bustling exhibit hall helps anchor Ontario Dental Association meeting


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In the heart of downtown Toronto, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre South Building hosts the exhibit hall, education sessions and other events at the Ontario Dental Association Annual Spring Meeting. (Photo: The City of Toronto)
Dental Tribune USA

By Dental Tribune USA

Mon. 9. May 2016


TORONTO, Ontario, CANADA: The more than 300 exhibiting companies at the Ontario Dental Association’s Annual Spring Meeting were busy nonstop May 5 and 6 demonstrating ways to help practices better serve patients and achieve higher levels of success. The ASM 2016 exhibit hall provided attendees with the ability to touch, test-drive and compare virtually all the newest and most-proven materials and technology in dentistry.

There were many innovators with products and services on display.

DENTSPLY Canada featured its Cavitron Touch ultrasonic scaling system, which combines touchscreen technology and the new, fully rotating, detachable Steri-Mate 360-degree handpiece. Featuring an all-new tabletop design and capacitive-touch interactive screen, the Cavitron Touch ultrasonic scaling system includes a range of ultrasonic inserts that will enable dental hygienists to eliminate traditional hand scalers — and increase the longevity of their careers.

One of the industry’s fastest growing major dental implant companies, Implant Direct, displayed wide variety of its highly regarded products that are known for their ability to simplify procedures in a way that makes it easy to perceive costs as investments that generate returns that far exceed any expense.

Ontario-based Patterson Dental Canada had its usual full representation of equipment and supplies to support every aspect of a practice. One of the newest products being distributed were GOCCLES (Glasses for Oral Cancer — Curing Light Exposed–Screening) — an innovative pair of glasses used for early screening of precancerous lesions in the oral cavity. The glasses just became available in Canada and are being distributed exclusively by Patterson nationwide.

Septodont had a wide selection of restorative materials, adhesives, composites, anaesthetics and other pain-control products. Among the offerings was its Biodentine, a resin-free bioactive and biocompatible dentin replacement material that can be used in both the crown and the root. The company has an 85-year history of developing and manufacturing tools and materials for dental professionals.

Another company in the exhibit hall that can boast of a long history in innovation was Shofu Dental Corp. Founded in 1922, the manufacturer offers highly sought-after dental and laboratory supplies. Many know the company for its minimally invasive cosmetic solutions, including the Beautifil line of restorative products. At ASM 2016, one of its biggest attention-getters was the EyeSpecial C-II digital dental camera, which is changing clinical photography with its “from-the-drawing-board” design, which is based exclusively on dentistry needs and conditions.

Also boasting a solid record of innovation history is the Kavo Kerr Group and its widely known brands, which together reflect more than 500 years of combined experience in hygiene, restorative materials, dental equipment, imaging, and specialty markets. Kerr Corp. has been manufacturing dental consumables, small equipment and infection prevention products since 1891. The broad rang of products, covering areas such as endodontic supplies, infection control and restorative materials, are used in virtually every dental procedure today.

SciCan ws in the exhibit hall with its line of equipment, cabinets, instruments, handpieces and infection-control products. Among its newest innovations is the SALUS hygiene sterility maintenance container. According to the company, the device is designed to save a practice countless hours and dollars spent wrapping instruments in sterilization paper — by eliminating the need for such paper and pouches.

Dental professionals representing every sector of the profession were testing out the Posiflex mobile elbow support system and other ergonomic seating from the company that is designed to ensure your career last as long as possible — while keeping you physically comfortable throughout.

The elbow supports were developed to diminish the charge to the upper body — to favor a good bloodstream. Research confirms that using the Posiflex system contributes to achieving a more secure and comfortable work posture while significantly reducing muscle contractions in the shoulders, neck and upper body. The company’s products were in the Apex booth. Apex is an occupational health and wellness company that recently became a Toronto-area distributor for Posiflex.


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