Dr. Valerio Bini

Dr. Valerio Bini

Website: http://www.studio-bini.com/index.php

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Dr. Valerio Bini, DDS, DT, specializes in esthetics, cosmetic dentistry & Smile Design and maintains a private practice in Biella, Italy. He is the inventor of the ADSD (Esthetic Digital Smile Design) technique, a digital preview useful in software driven dental analysis and esthetic planning of clinical cases.

Dr. Bini is an advocator of the Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Dentistry Global Academy (MICD), an active member of the Digital Dentistry Society (DDS) and of the Italian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (IAED), an effective and board member of the Amici di Brugg Society (AdB) and a member of the Innovative Technology and Engineered Biomaterials (ITEB) at the Insubria University Research Center, Varese, Italy.

Dr. Bini lectures internationally and publishes regularly in national and international publications about digital, cosmetic and esthetic dentistry.