This was ROOTS SUMMIT 2016

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This was ROOTS SUMMIT 2016

From left: Carlos Aznar Portoles, Roberto Cristescu, Nicola Grande, Ana Arias, David E. Jaramillo, Freddy Belliard, Ahmed Abdel Rahman Hashem, Stephen Jones, Gary Glassman, Sergio Rosler, Gianluca Plotino, Piotr Wujec, Walter Vargas Obando, Imran Cassim and Bojidar Kafelov. (Photograph: Dental Tribune International)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Wed. 7. December 2016


DUBAI, UAE: From Nov. 30 to Dec. 3, over 300 people from over 45 countries gathered at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Dubai for the 2016 ROOTS SUMMIT. For the past 15 years, the meeting has been an open and inclusive global learning forum, accessible to anyone involved in the practice of endodontic therapy. Featuring 20 distinguished speakers and a comprehensive industry exhibition, the 2016 summit was one of the most important events of this year’s endodontics calendar.

According to co-chairman Stephen Jones, the audience at the 2016 ROOTS SUMMIT was the most geographically diverse in the history of the event. It saw a large number of people from the Middle East and North Africa, as well as many attendees from Europe and India. Some members even travelled to Dubai from Brazil, Chile, Australia and Paraguay.

During the promotion of the event, the organizers encouraged all dental professionals who have an interest in endodontics to attend. This resulted in not only endodontic specialists attending, representing about half of the participants, but also in a considerable number of general dentists, oral surgeons, prosthodontists and dental students joining the meeting.

On Nov. 30, participants had the opportunity to attend a number of pre-congress hands-on workshops. Over the next three days, the scientifically and clinically relevant lectures, covering topics such as roots canal treatment planning, complex anatomy, clinical cases, irrigation, efficacy of treatment options and obturation, were all well attended. In addition, almost 20 companies showcased their latest products in the field of endodontics at the ROOTS SUMMIT industry exhibition.

The meeting originally started as a mailing list of a large group of endodontic enthusiasts in the 1990s, and has since 1999 evolved into organized ROOTS SUMMITs around the world. The summit has taken place in Canada, the U.S., Mexico (in conjunction with the Asociación Mexicana de Endodoncia), Spain, the Netherlands, Brazil and in India last year. Since the establishment of a dedicated Facebook group in 2012, the ROOTS SUMMIT has increased its membership from just under 1,000 participants to its current level of more than 23,000, including many global endodontic opinion leaders. Well over 100 countries are represented in the group. Members of the community engage in discussions regarding endodontic treatment, the various issues that affect the patient, prognoses, current literature, new equipment, as well as new procedures and protocols, among others. The online community is also moderated by a volunteering group of endodontists.

In addition to this English-speaking, global ROOTS community, the Spanish-speaking global endodontic Facebook forum Endolatinos, which currently has 13,000 members, was established in 2010 from a mailing list of about 2,500 people. In 2013, Endolatinos organized the pre-congress of the Asociación Espanola de Endodoncia, the Spanish endodontic society, and about a month ago, the Asociación allowed Endolatinos to create the scientific program for its annual meeting, which was attended by 1,300 people.

The 2016 ROOTS SUMMIT was organized in collaboration with Dental Tribune International. At the closing ceremony, the organizers already disclosed that the next meeting will be held in 2018 in the German capital of Berlin. The exact dates are still to be announced.

Dental professionals are invited to join the ROOTS Facebook group and like the ROOTS SUMMIT 2016 Facebook page.

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