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The SILENT compactCAM dust collector has been specially designed for optimal use with CAM units. (Photograph: Renfert)
Dental Tribune International

By Dental Tribune International

Mon. 28. November 2016


NEW YORK, N.Y., USA: Renfert is one of a record 42 German dental companies exhibiting their products at the Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM). With the 100th anniversary of the Association of the German Dental Industry (VDDI) taking place simultaneously, the meeting is sure to have a celebratory tone. Dental Tribune International spoke to Greg Luengen, head of Marketing and Product Management, about the appeal of the American market for Renfert.

Dental Tribune International: What is the reputation of the German dental industry in the U.S. market?
Greg Luengen: Positive, I would say. Firstly, the claim “Made in Germany” has a lot of clout, and many German companies have been around for quite a while. Renfert, for example, just celebrated its 90th anniversary, which demonstrates a certain understanding of our customer base. To be fair, most German dental products are not on the low end of the price scale and cannot really be compared to some domestic manufacturers that prioritize price. However, customers are definitely willing to pay that little bit extra because of the benefits and advantages our products offer. Value for money is an argument that resonates throughout the world, not just in the U.S. That is probably the foremost reason that Renfert introduced its new slogan—“Making work easy”—this year. Through intelligent solutions, the performance, quality and durability of our products, and reliable service, we can help our customers’ work better and more efficiently.

How has the relationship between the German and American dental industries developed?
I conducted some research in this regard a few years ago and came to the conclusion that, through the drastic increase in the use of digital and social media, the ability and the desire to share information, views and opinions have grown immensely. Today, we can find out what dental technicians and dentists are doing in any part of the world. Such information allows companies like Renfert to respond more quickly to the needs of the different markets, and this ultimately results in a win-win situation for both the user and the industry.

How does Renfert regard the U.S. market?
The U.S. is very important to Renfert, one of our top five markets. It is so important that we have developed new products just for the American market, like the Basic eco sandblaster. This unit incorporates the same sandblasting technology as our other, larger units, is perfect for the smaller dental laboratory or practice, and comes at an extremely competitive price.

What is Renfert looking forward to exhibiting at GNYDM?
We are extremely excited to be showcasing our class-leading equipment, instruments and materials to an appreciative audience of dental professionals at GNYDM. We are particularly proud to be presenting our new SILENT compact and SILENT compactCAM dust collectors. Attendees will also be able to view the new Basic eco compact microsandblaster with powerful blasting technology, being offered at an attractive price–performance ratio. At the Renfert booth, we will be giving live demonstrations of the Easyclean ultrasonic and SYMPRO denture cleaning units.

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