Invisalign Go en route to success—2016 in review

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Invisalign Go en route to success—2016 in review


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Designed specifically for general dentists, Invisalign Go has experienced a high demand in record time and promises great potential for the future. (Photograph: Align Technology)
Align Technology

Align Technology

Wed. 14 December 2016


AMSTERDAM, Netherlands: With launches in Germany, the UK, France and Italy, numerous Invisalign Go introductory seminars and a series of enhancements for the system, Align Technology has just been completed an exciting year with its new product, Invisalign Go. Designed specifically for general dentists, the new aesthetic tooth-straightening product that can treat mild crowding, spacing and orthodontic relapse has experienced a high demand in record time and promises great potential for the future.

Align Technology’s Invisalign braces are enjoying increasing popularity and have already helped over four million patients beautify their smiles. Until recently, aligner treatment was limited to specialists, however, since the introduction of Invisalign Go this has changed significantly. With the help of case assessment software and a network of experienced orthodontists, general dentists are now able to treat cases of tooth misalignment between the first premolars.

Since its launch, hundreds of interested dentists have already become familiar with the new system through introductory seminars run by orthodontists and long-term Invisalign users. The training events provide a profound understanding of working with the Invisalign Go system—from the first case study to retention—and potential new users received the system enthusiastically. “There have been a number of cases submitted after the initial two courses in London and Birmingham this month,” said dentist Dr Andy Toy, an East Midlands-based orthodontist and long-term Invisalign user, who led both events. “That tells us that dentists are responding positively, whereas sometimes in other courses, one is lucky to see them after three months and one finds they haven’t really done anything. I think we have made a powerful start here.”

The enthusiasm for the multidisciplinary system is also reflected in the participants’ positive feedback. “We believe that Invisalign Go will be very relevant to us. We liked the day here, it was a great course with a great instructor who explained everything very well,” Dr Jens Rathje summarised after a training day in Hamburg. The dentist from Lübeck, who specialised in implantology and aesthetic dentistry, and his wife, endodontics specialist Dr Isabelle Rathje, were interested in Invisalign Go because they want to expand the scope of their aesthetically-orientated practice.

Equally enthusiastic about the possibilities of the system was Dr Melanie Elger from Hamburg: “What I like about the system is that you have various tools to visualise the treatment for the patient and you have assessment tools to decide which cases can be done with an aligner system and which should rather be treated conventionally.”

Owing to the close cooperation between dentists and orthodontists, Invisalign Go enables a strong bundling of competencies and therefore ensures medically optimal results. In order to expand this approach, Align has published a series of improvements for the product in October that will make the application of the system even more efficient. This includes, for example, the new Invisalign Go Photo Uploader App for iPhone, which allows dentists or assistants to directly capture the intra- and extra-oral photos of their patients and upload them directly to the Invisalign Doctor Site to start the case assessment.

The new ClinCheck Pro 5.0 software also allows for extended application possibilities. In addition to improved visualisation, ClinCheck Pro 5.0 includes a range of new features, such as a customisable toolbar, a ClinCheck wizard for better orientation through the treatment plan and a modification warning. Moreover, the case assessment and the tool for assessing the progress of treatment will also be revised. The improvements will make use of the new system and the time spent with patients will be even more effective than before.

Invisalign Go will further expand their training programme due to a strong demand in Germany, France, Italy and the UK and new product improvements are to be announced in 2017.

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