Interview: Sulzer Mixpac’s dosing, mixing and application systems

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Interview: Sulzer Mixpac’s dosing, mixing and application systems

The team from Sulzer Mixpac AG during the 2016 Greater New York Dental Meeting. Martina Strasser, global head sales healthcare, is second from left. (Photo: Fred Michmershuizen, DTA)
Dental Tribune USA

Dental Tribune USA

Sun. 27 November 2016


NEW YORK, N.Y., USA: During the Greater New York Dental Meeting, Dental Tribune had the opportunity to interview Martina Strasser, global head sales healthcare of Swiss company Sulzer Mixpac AG. Strasser discussed synergies with German company Geka, as well as the dosing, mixing and application systems Sulzer offers for single- and multiple-component materials.

The German company Geka has been a part of the corporate family since July 2016. What synergies does that mean for Sulzer and how does it benefit your clients?
Geka is a leading manufacturer of application systems in cosmetics as well as healthcare. For our dental clients, this takeover means that new know-how and extensive experience will enrich our development sector. The applicator portfolio will include several innovative products, which fit perfectly with the new core competence at Sulzer Mixpac, namely the controlled application of fluids on small surfaces. This will also strengthen our position as technology leaders.

Sulzer’s and Geka’s production sites complement each other even geographically, to win the global competition as a leading provider of solutions. The company has about 900 employees and two production sites in Germany, one in the USA, another in Brazil. Sulzer Mixpac has doubled its turnover through this acquisition.

You develop high-quality dental solutions – dosing, mixing and application systems for single- and multiple-component materials – in close cooperation with dentists. How does this work?
We work primarily in focus groups with opinion leaders from various markets, such as Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Brazil, who provide solutions directly from practice. We evaluate these carefully and implement the promising ones. We test prototypes with these users. Some of them even write professional articles or deliver lectures about their conclusions.

Sulzer Mixpac is known for manufacturing its products in Swiss quality. What international specifications/norms/standards is your work based on?
We produce in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) quality assurance guidelines, the EN ISO 14644 for clean rooms and corresponding clean room areas and the ISO 13485 for the design and manufacture of medicinal products. The raw materials used by Sulzer – all medical grade synthetics – are listed at the FDA and fulfill the highest standards.

Sulzer has been combating copies of protected mixing tips for a long time – for the benefit of patients and dentists. DXM CO. LTD. and Dentazon Corp. are not permitted to exhibit their similar products at GNYDM. What are the risks here?
Sulzer is a systems supplier — our products are marked by their perfect interplay. This argument signifies safety for the patient. Our systems function reliably. Poorly blended or improperly cured materials cause high costs while defective and poorly fitting work damages the dentist’s reputation. It’s just not worthwhile to risk the patient’s wellbeing for such a small saving.

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