Bethany Hamilton teams with Damon System braces to launch emoji keyboard

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Bethany Hamilton teams with Damon System braces to launch emoji keyboard

From winking smiley faces with braces to getting a thumbs-up from Bethany, these emojis are designed to celebrate self-confidence. (Photo: Ormco Corp.)
Dental Tribune USA

Dental Tribune USA

Tue. 3 May 2016


ORANGE, Calif., USA: “Soul Surfer” and former Damon System braces patient Bethany Hamilton is encouraging fans to embrace the power of their smile by teaming up with Damon System braces to launch a new, interactive emoji keyboard. The Bethany Hamilton Damon Smile Emoji keyboard is comprised of 21 unique emojis that can be shared using popular messaging apps, including iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and more.

From winking smiley faces with braces to getting a thumbs up from Bethany, the Damon Braces inspired emojis celebrate self-confidence, encourage consumers to take pride in their unique qualities and embrace the positive impact of orthodontic treatment with braces.

The free emojis are available online, at or directly from the Apple iTunes or Google Play stores.

“Whether you have one arm like me, are skilled with a special talent or wear braces, everyone is unique in their own way and that’s something we should always celebrate and embrace,” said Hamilton. “This new emoji keyboard makes expressing yourself even more fun and is the perfect way to rock the power of your smile. Damon System braces transformed my smile, allowing me to confidently share my story of perseverance. I am excited to interact with my fans using these emojis that show just how cool it is to wear Damon Braces and have a beautiful Damon smile.”

Known for triumphantly overcoming a horrific shark attack while surfing, Hamilton was treated with Damon Braces at age 14 to address a severe open bite and significant crowding. By relying on the innovative braces, Hamilton was able to avoid oral surgery and experience efficient and comfortable treatment with fewer appointments than traditional braces — allowing her to keep up with a busy surfing schedule. Hamilton’s Damon smile has helped her gain confidence.

Confidence in her ability coupled with innate determination drove her to successfully overcome many challenges, including a fighting return to the professional surfing circuit and winning the championship title at the 2014 Surf N Sea Pipeline Pro competition. Between her surfing triumphs, bestselling autobiography and major motion picture Soul Surfer, Hamilton has been a source of inspiration to millions.

Today, Hamilton’s Damon smile and the impressive results of her orthodontic journey serve as examples of what can be achieved with Damon Braces and the life changing benefits of a smile that goes beyond straight teeth. As a new mom with a healthy and active lifestyle, Hamilton also appreciates the health and dental hygiene benefits of Damon System braces.

“Orthodontists who treat patients with Damon Braces are among the most progressive doctors in the world,” said Patrik Eriksson, president of Ormco Corp., the company that manufacturers Damon System braces. “As part of Ormco’s continued commitment to support orthodontists, we created the Bethany and Damon-inspired emojis to help educate patients on the life-changing benefits of orthodontic treatment and get them excited about their smile journey. Bethany is one of more than five million people who have been treated with Damon Braces to achieve a truly remarkable and healthy Damon smile.”

Unlike traditional braces, Damon System braces are “tie-less.” Without elastic ties that require tightening, Damon Braces allow teeth to move more freely, efficiently and with more comfort. The elimination of elastic ties, which are known to collect bacteria, also makes it easier to keep the braces clean, promoting better oral hygiene throughout treatment. Another key benefit, with Damon Braces orthodontists can provide high-quality results that may also enhance overall facial aesthetics. Available in a virtually invisible option, Damon Clear braces are a discreet choice for patients seeking aesthetic treatment. Unlike clear aligners, Damon Clear braces work 24/7 to efficiently straighten teeth, can treat any patient — even severe cases — and can be worn while eating and drinking.

“With Damon Braces including Damon Clear, I’m able to deliver truly impressive results for my patients’ smiles, faces and profiles,” said Dr. Summer Blake, DDS, MS in Manhattan Beach, Calif. “My patients continue to see firsthand the amazing benefits of Damon Braces and know they can show off their beautiful, healthy smiles with confidence. The new emoji keyboard allows my team and I to spark fun conversations around treatment while encouraging patients to embrace and celebrate their uniqueness, whatever that may be.”

To learn more about Damon System braces and the new Bethany Hamilton Damon Smile Emoji keyboard, visit To find a qualified Damon orthodontist in your area, visit the Damon Doctor Locator at

(Source: Ormco Corp.)


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