A decade and more of enriching knowledge through implant education in India


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Dr. Anandakrishna GN, Ambassador ICOI, Mentor Implant Study Group
DT South East Asia

By DT South East Asia

Mon. 22. August 2016


In the early 2000, Implantology was just beginning to capture the imagination of dentists in this country. Neither the science nor the art was completely understood at that point. Many practiced it with a specific school of thought and others thought a lot about the school they should join to learn it better. Implant Study group, one of India’s longest running Implant training programmes, was born out of this immediate need for a formal training in the field of Implantology. In conversation with Mentor, co founder of implant Study group, and Ambassador of ICOI , Dr.Anandakrishna GN.

DT SA: Dr.Anandakrishna ,please tell us about how Implant Study group (ISG) started ?
Dr. Anandakrishna GN: It all started when a leading technician said the correct way of making an implant impression is to grind the abutment in the mouth and make an alginate impression. It all started when a leading implantologist said if there is a prosthetic screw loosening problem then put cement into the implant and tighten the abutment in.It all started when a common friend introduced me to Dr. Girish Rao an accomplished Oral and Maxillo-facial surgeon.

It has been a decade in which you completed 28 batches training about 400 students. How do you trace this highly successful and popular journey?
It has been a wonderful journey and very satisfying to see so many youngsters and experienced dentists take up Implantology in their practices. Our programs have helped them to take their practice to a whole new level. They have started thinking differently regarding the treatment options and have served the population well. It is gratifying to know that we have been a part of their journey.

ISG and ICOI. Tell us how did this association came about?
It was natural that ISG found its partnership with ICOI. Both organizations work on the same lines with the same objectives. ‘Enriching knowledge is the primary intention’. It is a big honor to the group that we were one of the first study clubs in India and also both the founders Dr Girish and me are the Ambassadors of ICOI.

Tell us a little bit about your much sought after Signature Program - The ICOI Fellowship Program?
This has been a big hit among practitioners. It is a comprehensive module based program with both surgical and prosthetic aspects covered to equip up the clinician to practice Implant dentistry independently. This program fulfills the criteria of the coveted ICOI Fellowship. Therefore the participant has an edge over others with international credentialing with this program.

In 2014, ISG announced the ICOI Skill Enhancement Programs. One of which happens to be the ICOI Advanced Diplomate Training Program. How do you perceive the need for advanced training in India?
As the skill pool practicing Implantology is increasing, there is a need to upgrade and update the skill sets of the clinicians. These skill sets cannot be just theory based or an animal model program. Maximum value for such programs will be if a hands-on experience in advanced Implantology procedures can be done. This program fulfills the criteria for ICOI Diplomate which is the highest credentialing in Implantology.

Tell us about the CADAVER training module of the ICOI Mastership Program?
It is one of its kind program in the country where the participants can enhance their skills with specially preserved cadavers. These cadavers give near life-like experience which can be very helpful in practicing the advance procedures before doing it on patients. Hands-on of all procedures like Sinus lift, ridge split, piezo surgery, block grafting and soft tissue management are demonstrated on animal models and on the final day, the participants perform all procedures on specially preserved human cadavers. This program also focusses on advanced prosthetic concepts related to implantology. This program fulfills the criteria for ICOI Mastership.

What are the goals of ISG in the coming years?
It is very heartening to note that ISG has been taken over by the young blood. Newer ideas have been infused. Our team is more organized than ever before. The recognition we get in any part of the country is overwhelming. The days ahead we will announce more value additions into the existing programs and also new programs to capture the attention of clinicians at all levels of expertise. We have moved to a bigger training facility which allows us to do more in an organized way. Our new team ‘The famous five’ as they are called are the torch bearers of ISG and I am sure that they are capable of taking our activities to newer heights.

What is your advice to dentists aspiring to embark into the field of implantology?
I think I now have enough grey hair to advice. It is all about attitude and less about talent. Yes, it is very important to get appropriate training, but it is more important to have a constant perseverance to improvise. Career can easily be built on the steps of Implant dentistry provided you are systematic and good with the basics. It is very easy to get carried away in the high sounding terms and the hype around implant dentistry, but as long as you are clear about the objectives, treatment approaches become so simple and logical. I wish every dentist passing out from every college in the country to be able to place and restore Implants as it is such a fantastic modality which gives you an opportunity to change some one’s life.


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